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GHL (Government and Heritage Library) Blog articles on digital preservation

Digital Preservation Ingest Can be a "CINCH"

Amy Rudersdorf
July 2012. Library Hi-Tech.

Digital Preservation is a CINCH

Amy Rudersdorf
June 2012. The Signal blog from the Library of Congress.

This post describes the CINCH tool developed by the State Library.

NCpedia Expanding to Include Entries from the Encyclopedia of North Carolina and the Dictionary of North Carolina Biography

Michelle Underhill
April 2012. Issued to North Carolina State Agencies

Announcing the expansion of NCpedia.

New File Naming Tutorial Targets a Broad Audience

Lisa Gregory
March 2012. D-Lib Magazine

Announcing the release of a four-part tutorial on file naming.

With Liberty and File Naming for All

Lisa Gregory
January 2012. The Signal blog from the Library of Congress.

Announcing the release of a four-part tutorial on file naming.

Best Practices for Social Media Usage in North Carolina, Version 2

Kelly Eubank, Jennifer Ricker
2012. Issued to North Carolina State Agencies

An updated version of the 2009 guidelines.

Open Source Tool Speeds Up Web Archive Scoping

Kathleen Kenney
October 2011. The Signal blog from the Library of Congress.

Introduces a tool developed by the State Library that can help users analyze web site archiving crawl results.

How to Harvest Social Networking Sites (pdf)

Jennifer Ricker, Amy Rudersdorf
November/December 2010. Archival Outlook

Discusses the rationale for archiving state agency social networking sites, outlines the technical limitations of Archive-It in this arena, provides lessons learned about scoping issues related to social networking sites, and highlights the areas in which Archive-It successfully captures this content.

Metadata as a Public Record in North Carolina: Best Practices Guidelines for Its Retention and Disposition

Kelly Eubank, Amy Rudersdorf
November 2010. General distribution online.

This document is intended to offer guidance to government employees about the management and retention of metadata under North Carolina's public records laws and state and federal discovery rules for civil litigation. The goal is to provide information and guidance for public employees to understand their responsibilities and liabilities related to metadata.

The "M" Word: What Works and What Doesn't in File Format Migration

Lisa Gregory
October 2010. SAA Research Forum. Accompanies presentation by Jennifer Ricker.

As the official permanent depository for all North Carolina state publications, the State Library of North Carolina is concerned with preservation and access of these materials, regardless of format. This paper describes our efforts at file format migration. With a limited budget and programming resources, we investigated appropriate migration file formats that match our current and projected needs, as well as open source tools that would normalize and document that migration. We found that, although far from perfect, there are tools that can effectively migrate a number of prevalent formats on a case-by-case basis. Work still needs to be accomplished to scale migration up to production level.

Best Practices for Social Media Usage in North Carolina

Kelly Eubank, Jennifer Ricker
2009. Issued to North Carolina State Agencies

These guidelines, issued statewide, "help and encourage state agencies to develop a presence on social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube and provide guidance to ensure social media use complies with public records and archiving laws." (See Gov. Perdue's press release for additional information.)

Pathways to Preservation: Digital Curation Strategies in North Carolina State Government

Kelly Eubank, Jennifer Ricker, and Amy Rudersdorf
April 2009. DigCCurr 2009 Conference, Chapel Hill, NC (full proceedings)

This paper discusses the impact of digital publishing, e-mail, and electronic records management on the State Archives of North Carolina and the State Library of North Carolina, the entities responsible for gathering, providing access to, and permanently storing state agency electronic publications and records in North Carolina. In addition to outlining the current state of digital government information in North Carolina as evidenced by recent survey data, this article touches on future plans and collaborative efforts, both within state government and with other states, as well as some of the challenges to successful implementation that the State Archives and State Library must overcome.

The North Carolina State Government Website Archives: A Case Study of an American Government Web Archiving Project

Kristin Martin and Kelly Eubank
January 2007. Hypermedia and Multimedia. Vol. 13 Issue 1
The State Archives of North Carolina and State Library of North Carolina collaborated to develop the North Carolina State Government Website Archives, a collection of captured government websites dating back to the fall of 2005 and available to the public for research. This paper explores the process by which the Web archives were developed - from the methodology of how to collect information on the Web through the selection process for determining material to be included in the Web archives and the choice of Archive-It, a service available through the Internet Archive, as the technology for running the Web archives.

Moving Into the Digital Age: A Conceptual Model for a Publications Repository

Kristin Martin
September 2006. Internet Reference Services Quarterly. Vol. 11 No. 2
This article discusses changes in cataloging and workflow designed to accommodate an increased amount of digital information. It also presents a model for managing digital publications in the context of state government publications as developed by Kristin Martin, the Digital Metadata Manager/Documents Cataloger at the State Library of North Carolina. The conceptual model covers six aspects of a publication's management: creation, collection, description, storage, access, and preservation.

Foundations for a Successful Digital Preservation Program: Discussions from "Digital Preservation in State Government: Best Practices Exchange 2006"

Christy Allen
June 2006. RLG DigiNews. Vol. 10 No. 3
Offers a summary of the Best Practices Exchange 2006 including an overview of participant discussions, recurring themes of the Exchange, and the four essential elements for building a strong digital preservation program.

Partnering for Preservation

Theresa A. Pardo and Brian Burke
April 2006. Public CIO
This article stresses the importance of collaboration between libraries, archives, and state agencies to preserve digital state government information. The authors discuss several examples of successful digital preservation collaborations including the Access to State Government Information Initiative at the State Library of North Carolina. ASGII project manager, Jan Reagan contributed her input to the writing of the article.

North Carolina Department of Cultural Resources Digital Preservation Policy Framework

Kristin Martin, Jan Reagan, Druscie Simpson, Kelly Eubank, Ron Leach, and Christy Allen
September 2005.
This document formalizes the Department of Cultural Resources’ (DCR’s) commitment to the long-term or permanent preservation of digital state government assets produced by the State of North Carolina.

White Paper on the Status of North Carolina Digital State Government Information. North Carolina State Government Information: Realities and Possibilities

Kristin Martin and Jan Reagan
November 2003.
The White Paper is a “call for action” for North Carolina state government to acknowledge the need to deal with the issues of digital state information and start laying the groundwork for sustaining ongoing efforts to realize workable solutions for ensuring the existence, availability, and usability of government information over time, regardless of format.



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