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The Access to State Government Information Initiative (ASGII) is an ongoing initiative that began at the State Library of North Carolina in 2002. It is a means for state government to collectively and collaboratively address the issues and challenges of providing permanent public access to born-digital state government information.



Develop recommendations and test solutions that support the identification, collection, cataloging, storage, and preservation of state government information and statistical data in all formats, including born-digital, for permanent public access.


Project Description

The Access to State Government Information Initiative is a collaborative effort. Throughout its history, the following partners have participated:


NC Department of Cultural Resources

  • Digital Information Management Program (Government & Heritage Library, State Library)
  • Digital Information Services (State Archives of North Carolina)
  • Research Management Services Branch (Government & Heritage Library, State Library)
  • Department of Cultural Resources Information Technology


Today, project staff and partners work together to reassess the State Library's approach to identifying, collecting, preserving, and providing continued access to state government information and to develop strategies for managing born-digital state information for long-term availability and use.



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