NC Preservation Metadata for Digital Objects (PMDO)

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The NC Preservation Metadata for Digital Objects (PMDO) contains a list of preservation metadata fields that institutions creating or caring for digital objects might consider recording to help in the long-term access and management of their collections.


NC PMDO History


The original NC PMDO was created during the course of the original NC ECHO project in the early 2000s. The final version (2007) is available above. (Read more about the original NC ECHO project. Click here, then on the Info tab, "NC ECHO History" box.)


In 2012, the State Library of North Carolina's Digital Information Management Program took over care of the NC PMDO, and began the revision process to both reflect changes in technology and practice, and to include specific reference to born-digital items.


PREMIS Data Dictionary for Preservation Metadata


METS (Metadata Encoding and Transmission Standard)


State Archives' Metadata as a Public Record in North Carolina: Best Practices Guidelines for Its Retention and Disposition (.pdf)


State Library of North Carolina's Preservation Metadata Implementation Guidelines (.pdf)